Experience the Magic of Selling Channel Integration by Selwiz SelWiz features Business Integration Solution by SelWiz

Simplifying Multi-Channel Selling

Centralized Channel Management

Manage your marketplaces and shopping carts all in one place with our channel management software.

Inventory Syncing

Make bulk imports, create inventory reports and manage your inventory lists as soon as you make a sale.

Order and Delivery Optimization

Streamline and manage orders from multiple channels to make sure that they’re delivered without a hitch.

Customer Management

Create mailing lists from customer records to make sure you reach them with your products and offers.

Product Listing and Management

Create product attributes, track inventory levels and easily import and export new products on each channel.

Reports and Templates

Make better decisions by creating productivity reports and transform communication with your team and your customers.

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List your products on the biggest eCommerce marketplace and reach your customers globally with our Amazon eCommerce management system.

Sell your products and expand your business on the world’s most trusted marketplace with our customized eBay solutions.

Providing comprehensive WooCommerce integration solutions for you to sell and manage your products easily on the world’s largest shopping cart.

Manage Your Sales on Multiple Channels


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