Experience the Magic of Selling Channel Integration by Selwiz SelWiz features Business Integration Solution by SelWiz

Features We Offer

The features provided by SelWiz enable you to automate management
of your sales channels, so that you can focus on building your brand further.

Creating Better Selling Opportunities

With comprehensive features which enable proper management of multiple channels, we ensure that your efforts are directed to growing your business rather than manually administering your integrated marketplaces and carts.

Manage Effortlessly

SelWiz provides easy and effortless management of your channels, products, inventories and customer records so that your business can run as seamlessly as possible on all platforms.

Grow Your Business

We provide you complete selling solutions to make sure that your sales, customers and channel management can run as smoothly as possible, and so that you can use your time to build new customer experiences to grow your business or brand further.

All Features

Channel Management

Instantly sell your products on any channel you want with our channel management solution.

Products Management

Easily create products and sell them on multiple channels.

Customer Management

Manage customer records with our customer management solutions.

Order Management

Manage order seamlessly with solutions provided by SelWiz.

Delivery Management

Manage delivery seamlessly with solutions provided by SelWiz.

Inventory Management

Easily manage your inventory with our inventory management solutions.