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eCommerce Multi Channel Integrations

SelWiz provides eCommerce multichannel integrations with various
marketplaces to enable you to sell wherever your customers are buying.

Sell Your Products On Multiple Marketplaces

With our integration services, you can be present on all the places your customers want to find you, and with our automated channel and product management features, you can easily manage and update your inventories and lists on each channel you’re on.


Being the leading marketplace in the eCommerce industry, Amazon is a global marketplace, where buyers and sellers from across the world come to shop, or sell. Because of its huge potential visitor base, it’s the perfect channel to sell your products on. With our services, we will help you harness its features to work for your business so that your products can reach your audience wherever they are.


Expand your product reach and integrate your business with eBay to create more opportunities for your customer to find you easily. With SelWiz, you can create your shop on eBay and sync your products on the platform easily, while also staying up to date on the competitive prices, garnering maximum results with minimum efforts.


Woocommerce is one of the most customizable platforms to build businesses, and with our eCommerce multi channel integration with this shopping cart, you can easily create your own eCommerce website, and sell your products without the hassle of manual updates and inventory listing.

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