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Manage Inventory On Multiple Channels

Our eCommerce inventory management solutions make it easier to sell across marketplaces

Keep Track of your Inventory Thresholds

Easily manage your sales with our eCommerce inventory management solution,where in just a few clicks you can automatically customize and configure listings for each channel.

Track Sales and Vendors

With the SelWiz eCommerce inventory management solution, you can track your assets across warehouses and easily transfer products from one location to another, and one marketplace to another. You can customize and optimize low stock threshold alerts and also manage quick replenishment in order to make more sales across channels.

Track Sales and Vendors

Stock Sync

SelWiz allows you to manage and sync multiple channels to make sure that you don’t oversell your products. With this feature, your inventory gets updated automatically in all your marketplaces or shopping carts as soon as a sale is made on one channel.

Stock Sync

Automated adjustments and updates

With automated stock adjustments and updates, we make sure that you won’t have to worry about the inventory lists and product availability. We also provide timely updates and notifications regarding best selling or slow selling products, low stock etc., along with sales forecasts and also Goods Receipt Notes (GRN), which can help you manage sales and inventory better across all marketplaces and stores, and to make sure that your selling process goes on without a hitch.

Automated adjustments and updates



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